Can You Repair a Broken Laptop Screen?

Repairing a broken computer or laptop screen can often be done at home, but a faulty problem may require more experience. The screen that doesn't seem to work may be due to an operating system issue, or some other conflict that can be resolved by simply restarting the computer. To start, close the laptop and reopen it. Examine the keyboard and screen areas for debris and clean them thoroughly.

If your laptop uses a visible latch, clean the latch mechanism. Carefully close the laptop, make sure it is fully closed, and then reopen it. If the screen sometimes turns on and sometimes it doesn't, you probably have a faulty cover sensor. If the screen is completely black, try connecting an external monitor.

If the external monitor isn't working, your laptop might not be turned on, it might be in sleep mode, or it might be in hibernation mode. Connect it and make sure it's turned on. Screens with large black or colored bars, black holes or colors that seem to flow are usually irreparable. Additional damage to the laptop such as hinges, hard drive or keyboard can make repair costs close to 50%, making it not worth continuing with the repair.

Laptop touchscreen assemblies have become more complex in recent years and are easy to damage if not handled properly. The software installed on the laptop or the data contained in the laptop may be worth more than the laptop itself. If the screen starts to work or if you see enough improvement to use the laptop again, you can stop doing so. A laptop screen can even break if there's something as small as a little sand between it and the keyboard.

If you're looking for a repair shop, make sure they are experienced in repairing touchscreen laptops and have a good reputation. Most laptop screens are fairly easy to replace as long as you follow the instructions provided carefully and use the right tools. The new screen is much better than the standard matte screen that is standard for these computers. The typical rule of thumb is that if the cost of the repair is less than 50% of the laptop's purchase price, it's worth it.

Screen Surgeons offers laptop screen replacement and repair services for cracked, broken and damaged LCD screens, and monitors for laptop and laptop computers. You might notice stuck or incorrectly colored pixels, colored lines, blurred colors, parts of the screen that appear black, or the screen won't turn on at all. When a laptop screen breaks physically (for example, a broken screen), it's usually due to physical damage.

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