How to Repair a Laptop with a Broken Screen

Having a laptop with a broken screen isn't fun, and having a laptop with a touchscreen doesn't make it any easier. If you've decided to repair your laptop's broken touchscreen yourself, follow the steps below carefully. You can even buy a laptop that allows you to flip or remove the screen to use it as a tablet. If your laptop is a touchscreen with glass that reaches the edges of the screen, such as a smartphone or tablet, you probably have a laptop that uses a standard LCD screen to display the image, that has a separate component called a digitizing glass “touchscreen” and that is usually glued to the surface of the LCD screen.

Laptop models such as the HP 15Z or the Dell E6520 allow customers to choose in a personalized way whether they want their laptop to have a touchscreen or not, since these models use the integrated touchscreen. If replacing your laptop's broken screen is too advanced and you're worried about more damage, check with your local CPR mobile phone repair store. If your laptop has a separate digitizing glass that responds to touch, then you already have a normal LCD screen and you really can't make this laptop not a touchscreen, since the front glass is what holds everything together. However, we don't recommend that you buy a standard LCD screen for your laptop until you've first contacted the laptop manufacturer or look for online forums from someone who has done this before.

These laptops will have a thick surrounding bezel, usually about an inch thick, that borders the screen. If you have the time and interest, you can end up saving a lot. A computer-savvy friend of mine isn't convinced either, as he saw that the touchscreen worked before repairing it. Hello, due to the way the screen is built, I highly recommend continuing with a type of screen with an LCD+ digitizer.

Using only ¾ parts of your computer screen is absolutely unproductive, so stop browsing that broken computer screen and consider the following before deciding how to repair your laptop. I have HP envy360, it has a separate digitizer, LCD screen and bezel, since the screen is damaged, can I replace the entire screen with a non-touch LCD screen?.

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