What Type of Warranty Do I Get When I Repair My Laptop Screen?

The LCD screen glass is manufactured to stringent specifications and standards and usually does not crack or break with regular use. Generally, cracked or broken glass is considered accidental damage and is not included in the standard warranty. If you purchase a used or refurbished laptop, it should still come with a warranty. This warranty period typically does not exceed one year, unless you buy an extended warranty or a retail service plan.

Most warranties on used or refurbished laptops are 90 days. To get the most out of their laptops, laptop users should strive to maximize stability, durability, and ease of use. This can be caused by an object hitting the screen, a fall, attempting to close the lid while there is an object in the keyboard area, or even holding the laptop near the screen. Knowing and following some of the best practices for safely using their laptop will help them enjoy it for many years.

In the laptop warranty, the manufacturer will indicate how repairs will be done and whether they will use new, used, or reconditioned parts. Another factor worth considering with an international laptop warranty is how repairs will be carried out. If the LCD panel on your Dell laptop is accidentally damaged but not covered by the accidental damage service offer, contact Dell technical support for repair options.

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